Gina Roth, owner of Abode Interior Design, was amazing to work with. She helped me pick colors and materials for my kitchen redesign while honoring both my design wishes and staying within the feel and design of my entire house. She provided options that I would not have imagined on my own and I could not be happier with the result!
She also worked with me on a space plan for my living room, helping me transform a long, rectangular space into a haven that works for my family of 5. I look forward to working with her again on another room when we are ready for the next project!
— Alison Madrid, Client
I have worked with Gina Roth on several home decorating projects and have found her to be outstanding. The type of home varied widely among these projects which is a testament to her versatility and range. She is experienced and knowledgable and adhered to budgetary and time constraints. On each project, she listened to my vision and took the time and attention to brainstorm with me, then made my vision a reality. In each case the final product exceeded my expectations. Gina stayed involved throughout the renovations to ensure that the finished product was what I wanted and was flexible when we decided to change items midstream. I felt included in the project but was able to rely on her fully to create a comprehensive design that was realistic. I would highly recommend Gina Roth to anyone who is building a home, doing a major renovation or simply freshening up their decor.
— Krista Furlow, Client
I have been working with Gina at Abode Interiors for over a year now and I can not be happier with how my projects have turned out! Gina is a true professional who is dedicated and passionate about her work and a pleasure to work with. Gina has amazing style and taste and has helped me design my home in a way that is current with trends, but also timeless. I was having trouble putting things together for my home that were not too trendy, but also wanted an unique look. Gina has been able to create a design for my home that seems as if my decor is collected and curated rather than looking like I bought everything from a big chain mall store.

Gina also has an amazing eye for the size and scale of things so everything fits my space properly. She has been keeping me on track with what furnishings fit best with my family and our lifestyle too, sometimes everything can’t be white with two young kids! She also has a great eye for color and has helped pick out lovely paint palettes for my entire home.

Gina worked closely with me on a kitchen remodel and has helped me make design choices that I never would have considered on my own. She was especially helpful steering me in the right direction for my countertop material. She helped me pick a natural stone that was classic, timeless and functional. She has also helped me design my kitchen nook area and family room to complete a gorgeous great room space. She helped me put the finishing touches on my dinning room too.
— Vicky Kulba, Client
Gina Roth is a color genius! It was time to paint the interior of our home and although I thought I knew the color scheme I wanted, I did not like the results of samples painted on the walls. I decided to spend the money for Gina’s consultation services and it was a great decision that saved me thousands of dollars.

Gina is thoughtfully inquisitive about what the client wants. After listening carefully, she makes suggestions but doesn’t impose her personal style and is respectful of the client’s preferences. She helps pick colors with undertones that work with existing furniture, art, and decor and flow with other rooms that may not be getting painted or new paper.

For a few hundred dollars of consultation services, I was able to paint the interior of our home once and love it. Had I moved ahead with the colors I originally planned, I would have been very unhappy with the results and likely repainted a room at a time. I’m so pleased that I’ve decided to use Gina to help me with some additional decorating services.

Thank you, Gina!
— Michelle Bentzien Purrington, Client
Abode Interior Design was recommended by a co-worker when I first moved to San Antonio. I was in the process of house hunting and found a house that was under construction and involved Gina at the signing of the contract. She viewed the house and suggested upgrades that would make a big difference in my house. We were very lucky that we could get the upgrades for the home.
When Gina and I talked I told her that my house must have the WOW factor. I have stayed at many W Hotels around the world and they always talk about the WOW of their hotels and they are correct. I also had accumulated many things from Asia during my 10 years of living there and wanted them incorporated into the interior design.
It took us about 9 months to finish everything up but the wait was well worth it.
Attributes that impressed me most about Abode Interior Designs,
—They listen to the customer.
—They brought things in my house on approval and after 30 days it didn’t really WOW me or Gina we found something else. Until the WOW factor was arrived at.
—She stuck to the budget and we had monthly reviews of how she was doing.
—She would stop by just to make sure that the latest addition was doing what it should. If not, then we would find something else.
I can not say enough great things about about Gina’s professionalism, customer focus, focus on detail and her ability to make a show case house utilizing many of my personal memories along with the new.
Did we achieve the WOW factor. Yes we did without a doubt.
— Gary Hendrickson, Client
Gina was invaluable in helping me make decisions! I tend to over analyze things and she gently and confidently nudged me in the right direction. She is articulate and professional. She is savvy to the current trends and was able to guide my dated style/home into a transitional style. We chose furniture, fabric for drapery and chairs, and did stone work on my fireplace and kitchen counters. We also added wood floor and carpet. Gina’s love for what she does is evident, she is very positive and gets excited about the changes.
— Susan Kempf, Client
Amazing to work with! Gina at Abode Interior Design has helped me on several large projects that included paint selection for my entire home, new hardwood flooring selection and scheduling installation and then completed the project with the perfect selection of accessories. She listened to not only my wants/needs but those of my entire family. She stayed within the budget given and time frame. Highly recommend!
— Tauni Day, Client
Gina designed our lake house from start to finish. We could not be more pleased with her work. The color palette and furnishings are so beautiful and comfortable. She was very easy to work with, and we can’t wait to work with her again.
— Becky Westlund, Client
Throughout the years I have mostly decorated my homes on my own and have enjoyed both the process and the result. However, when it came to remodeling our master bath I knew I needed professional assistance. Gina provided expert advice and spent quality time with us discussing the overall design feel. She listened to us and was able to direct us to products that I would not have been aware of - despite my late night Houzz binges! Using Gina’s services saved us both headaches and money. Also, Gina urged us to choose materials that will be desirable for years to come. Our bath is truly a modern, fresh look - a style that is sometimes hard to find in our area. I’m so glad we found Gina! You won’t find a more friendly or knowledgeable designer in town.
— Cameron Weirbach, Client
I’ve collaborated with Gina many times over the past few years and love her energy and vision! I’ve recommended her often to clients and know that she’ll take care of their projects and achieve a beautiful result.
— Lisa Moon, Paper Moon Painting
Gina is a joy to work with. We have collaborated on many projects over the last few years. Her design aesthetic is timeless. She respects her clients and colleagues time and talents. She shows up on time, has the knowledge to keep projects going forward without delays, is a decisive team player, and does it all with a smile!
— Shelly Antonacci, Elysium Interiors