Current Trends

Clients are asking us for interiors that are fresh, polished and COMFORTABLE.  The heavy Tuscan trend is over.  Mix pieces that you love with some new, cleaner lines to get a look that is collected and interesting.  I have clients that prefer rustic and some that are more contemporary, and the mix of styles is what keeps my job incredibly fun!

Here are some current trends that I am seeing:

1)  Houseplants - fiddle leaf fig trees, succulents, ivy, and boxwoods have replaced silk florals.

2)  Metallics - chrome, brushed nickel and gold.  But not the shiny brass of the 80's.

3)  Less clutter - fewer accessories with good scale.  If it isn't useful, meaningful or is gone!

4)  Geometric shapes-in wallpaper, fabric and rugs.

5)  Oversize pendants over an island instead of mini-pendants.

6)  Wallpaper to create a beautiful focal point on a wall in the dining room, behind the headboard in the bedroom, in powder rooms and as a ceiling treatment.

7)  Ceramic tiles instead of trendy glass mosaics.  

8)  Window treatments have simplified to panels and roman shades.

9)  Mirrors-they can be used to reflect something beautiful or bounce light around a space.

10)  Abstract art.  If your only wall decor is family photos, it may be time to edit to your favorites and add some art to your home.

Your home should flow harmoniously from one room to the next.  Sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin updating your space.  You don't want to end up with a look that is clearly yesterday and today.  If you need help prioritizing your design budget and updating your abode, call us for a consultation.